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Elevate Date Night Dining With a Garden Tablescape

June 08, 2020

Elevate Date Night Dining With a Garden Tablescape

After lots of extra “home time” lately, it’s easy to get caught up with daily tasks and forget to take a minute and appreciate the things around us. There’s so much beauty to be found at home. When we hit pause and take notice, we find ourselves surrounded by the things we love and can rediscover, or repurpose what we have on hand in a new way.
In order to dress up a date night at home, I took a little walk around the yard to look for something pretty and quickly fell in love with some delightful purple wildflowers. 
I took some scissors from the house, snipped some flowers from different areas of the yard, and took them inside. White stoneware and sphere bud vases are perfect for showcasing delicate flowers like this, not overpowering and slightly understated—letting the flowers do all the talking.
Be sure to slowly trim the flower down—little by little—to ensure the flower is the perfect size for the height of the vase. You don't want the flowers too tall or they will lazily hang out of the vase; you also don't want them too short where the flowers are over stuffed into the vase. Have fun with this!
I am not an expert florist, but trimming and playing with the flowers can be rather therapeutic. There’s no need to stress out about how you’ll arrange the stems. Just keep it simple—little buds in each vase, whatever feels right. They can be short, or varying sizes, some might be fluffier than others, to give it some variation and depth. You can also use literal BUDS—feel free to mix it up!
I then took a tabletop surface (I used a fun fire pit table, but any will do), I alternated the white and multicolored bud vases. We had an amazing cement planter with foliage already in it. I used this statement piece as the focal point and lined up the bud vases to create a modern look.
It is amazing to see how elegant it all came together. Success really is in the little details, and styling doesn’t have to be costly or stressful.
To complete the look, I took simple white dishes and silverware, and voila! A romantic dinner date night table setting.
This definitely adds a little spice to the ambiance of all sorts of gatherings—it can work for formal or casual, romantic or self-care dinner dates, a night with the gals, or even if you just want to mix up the usual setting of your home for a more fun atmosphere outside when you’re sipping a nice glass of wine!
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