About Us

Holidays. Celebrations. Dinner with loved ones. It’s time to come back to the table. After years of event planning and finally starting a family of my own, those moments spent around the dinner table have become more important than ever. With that desire to be more present, more aware, an idea was sparked.

Flourish & Flounce has been a labor of love to add style to your home while taking away the stress and pressure of the design process. Today’s fast paced, modern families deserve as much time to soak up every special moment.

Each season, we are releasing various, original table top designs to spice up your dining room table that you can purchase one time or order as a yearly subscription. We have many surprises for you and are grateful for you sharing in our passion.

This love and passion. From my home to your table. Wherever you are. 



Candice Munson

Founder & Owner