Autumn Citrus Tablescape

 Nothing is quite like the crispness of a bright autumn day. The coolness of the air in your lungs and the smell of fallen leaves and fresh apples. All of this is wrapped up in our Autumn Citrus Collection. Your brunch gathering will be in love with the new take on the brightness of summer that is quickly fleeting and the colors of the new season approaching in the design of the Green and Yellow Floral Table Runner. To bring in a bit of warmth, we added Antique Brass Chalices accessorized with Golden Harvest Garland Rings. Adorned with lush Velvet Pumpkins in seasonal tones of olive, maroon, and rust, the Autumn Citrus Collection is sure to bring the best of everyone’s favorite season. With understated elegance and a lower profile, the Autumn Citrus Collection can be used everyday of the season!
The Regular Package Includes:
(1) 72” (or 90"- additional $10) Green and Yellow Floral Table Runner
(2) Antique Brass Chalices
(2) Golden Harvest Garland Rings*
(2) 3”x6” Pillar Candles**
(5) Velvet Pumpkins

*Harvest Garland Rings are flammable and should be pushed away from the candle flame. Do not leave unattended when next to open flame. **Trim wick to 1/4” to prevent unsafe flame. Do not light and leave unattended.